Selling on Amazon the Right Way
with the VIP Deals Program

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Selling on Amazon the Right Way


Here's what to expect:

1.  You will first go to a payment page to pay the initial fee for this program and agree to the monthly fee of after the twelve months included in the initial fee are over.

2. Once payment is complete, you will be redirected to a landing page where you will be able to create your access to. the training area. 

3.  Once you've logged into the training area, one of the very first training modules with have a link to the participation.  Click that link and sign the agreement.

4.  Get through through the training and begin buying deals.


Here's What You Will Receive

As a member of the VIP Deals program, we're going to make sure that there's nothing standing the way of your Amazon success.

Training Program

Specific training to allow you to maximize the benefits of this membership.  You will also have access to other special, specific training materials/courses that will be added to your training library.

Access to Deals Site

You will be given access to our VIP Deals site that has allowed our current members to purchase over 85,000 items and over $1.2 million in products. You can purchase up to TEN deals a week and reorder completed deals.

Direct Skype Access to Chris and Todd

You will have access to Todd and Chris via Skype for direct consultation.

Private Facebook Community

If you are not already in our Private Facebook Community, purchasing this VIP Deals Program will allow you access to our other successful members.


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