e90x Lite

$5.5 million in revenue each and every year.  About $1 million in profit – right in the pocket. Maintaining only two to three weeks of inventory per week, minimal risk, leveraging small amounts of capital for massive returns.  Sounds like a super crazy ‘hack’, right?  Nope.  It’s really how Amazon was set up for 3rd party sellers like you and me. It is what we do every day and will continue to do so for the coming years.  You should be doing it also. But… how do we get that idea across to everyone?


That’s a word that gets thrown around quite a bit. But in the world of ‘The Internet’ trust is super important. Why?  It’s all we have. Todd and I are two guys that run ecommerce companies.  Todd’s annual revenue is around $5.5 million for 2016.  I built a company to $2 million, sold it and built another business right behind it.  We now teach people how to do the same thing.  Ethically, safely and with minimal risk.

But how do we let people know that we are legit? If we had our way, Todd and I would meet each person individually and tell them – you can and you should do this too. 


Todd and I were so tired of Facebook ads of guys pitching ‘training’ while standing in front of their luxury cars, on the deck of a yacht or in some absurd mansion.  I mean… good on you if that is your thing, but that only proves that you like to spend a lot of money.  It doesn’t prove to me that you can teach me whatever ‘system’ you are pitching today.


So what to do?  We will put our money where our mouth is.  We do teach people to do the same thing that we are doing.  We have an incredibly active, supportive membership that proved in 2016 that hundreds of people can do the same thing that we are teaching.  We didn’t even have to buy a luxury car to prove it to people!  We just teach it.

Back to trust.  We know that to you we are just another couple of guys. We get it. So we launched e90X Lite.  This is a smaller version of our full size membership program, e90X.  This lite version is, exactly, the same system that we teach people how to use in the full course.  But it is less than one hundred bucks.  Why did we do this? Trust.  We want you to get a sense of who we are.  What we included:

The training


A Member’s only webinar

We know that this is more than enough for you to start earning money online.  For the first time you will actually make $1 and realize that with the right process and right way to scale, you can turn this in to a business as big as you wish.  In the full course we have a comprehensive tools suite, the most active and supportive Facebook group ever and access to Todd and I – pretty much any time you need. But we want to prove to you first who we are, what we do, and that we really do practice what we preach. We want you to see our teaching style and we want you to trust us. 

You have nothing to lose.  Jump in, have a look at e90X lite and get started making money.  When you are ready, grab the full course and really scale that business.

See you on the inside.


Todd & Chris


PS - Here's a small sampling of what success looks like: