VIP Deals Club


VIP Deals Club


You are making a wise decision to grab a membership before we sell out.

Due to the nature of this program we have to strictly limit the number of participants. All of our previous programs have sold out, and some never reopen to new members.

When you join the VIP Deals, our expert product finders are going to be presenting deals for your consideration. You will receive an email for each deal or set of deals, and you can even opt in to push notifications on your computer or phone, along with text messaging. Once you see the deal(s), all you have to do is make sure you are not gated or restricted in any way and then purchase the deal using our exclusive VIP Deals webstore.

Our purchasing team will then secure the inventory for you, send it to our warehouse, prep it for FBA and send it to the FBA warehouse under your account.

Everything is done for you.

It's like hiring the best VA team in the world and paying them almost nothing - really!

Think about it, to accomplish all of this on your own, you'd need to hire at least four people, maybe more.

Our team has years of experience, a 17 year track record and tens of millions of dollars of product purchasing success.

You will never find a finer team to work with you

There's an awful lot of benefits to you with a VIP Deals membership, however, TWO really stand out

The first is the ability to REORDER!

Now when you choose a deal, instead of it being over once the initial purchase is sold out, you will get to keep reordering, making profits time and time again.

This gives you a compounding effect that allows your business to scale over time.

Think about it - If you bought one deal a week, you'd have four products the first month, eight products the second month, twelve products the third month, and so on and so on.

If each product produced $5 per sale and sold 30 units per month, after just three months you'd have 360 sales per month bringing in $1,800/month in PROFITS, from ONE DEAL A WEEK!

Purchase more and scale even faster. Because you will be able to reorder, you won't need to purchase every day, unless you want to.

I cannot think of a faster way to scale, without having to hire and train a team of your own.

The second huge benefit is the discount to the Wholesale Buying Club

Right now everyone ELSE is paying $199/month Your benefit gives you a 50% discount to just $100/month

One of the things we do for WBC members is post a special deal pretty much every day. That means you get access to one more deal that you can purchase and reorder!

Not to mention access to suppliers with UPC files to run through your favorite product analysis tool!

Download and process a file every now and then to supplement the VIP Deals, and you'll rocket your income!

Between these two services you have a complete business in a box!

Plus, joining the VIP Deals club will get you a 50% discount off of any prep fees for products you source from your suppliers and send to us for prep. This benefit alone could pay for the VIP Deals membership by itself.

When you join us, here's what you'll get:

Access to the VIP Deals Training Modules
Access to the VIP Deals - Deal Alerts Network (email, text message or on screen Push notifications)
You will OWN each deal you purchase - that means you get to REORDER INDEFINITELY!
PLUS the Ability to purchase up to FIVE deals per week!
Coupon for a 50% DISCOUNT to the unmatched Wholesale Buying Club
Deals posted EVERY DAY (Mon-Fri)!
Ability to send products from your own supplier to our prep facility at a 50% DISCOUNT!

The benefits of this program should be obvious - there's NOTHING like this out there any where, at any price!

Act now, the scarcity of this offer is real.

Click the button on the right to grab your membership seat before we fill to capacity and remove this offer.