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Your answer to finding suppliers for your wholesale business.
We've done the research for you!

 What do these lists do for you???

They deliver suppliers who have already been researched and vetted.  After hundreds of hours calling companies, researching products, and finding reputable suppliers, we wanted to share our findings with you.   
You can use your time more wisely not searching endlessly for dead end suppliers.
This puts you in front of the competition by already narrowing down the suppliers you should contact to improve your wholesale business.
Lists are limited to only 30 buyer's per list, once list is gone, it will be gone!

Ever wonder how other online sellers find wholesale product suppliers, WITHOUT bumping into a bunch of other sellers?

The short answer is research - long, hard, tedious research.

Some folks try to take shortcuts and buy "databases" of suppliers. That usually doesn't work because database providers load their databases up with tons of unqualified suppliers.

Some people try to buy "lists" of suppliers, but they usually end up disappointed because the lists are not geared towards the seller's goals.

So, then what could possibly make our Supplier Station lists any different?

Hey guys, Todd here, and many of you know me as

an 8 figure Amazon seller

an expert Ecommerce Consultant

a full-time serial Entrepreneur dating back to 1983

a specialist in recognizing tools, software and resources to earn you more money and cut down on the workload.

I've done a lot of things right . . .

I've done a lot of things wrong . . .

After having sold wholesale products online since 2002, I've discovered many things.

#1 - You make your money when you buy, not when you sell

#2 - Suppliers are the lifeblood of an online distribution business

#3 - Finding great suppliers, with a continual source of great products, is difficult and time consuming

I discovered this the HARD way . . . (you get to cheat and get the easy way)

The hard way . . .

Step One - Find a list of possible suppliers

Step Two - Call each supplier and ask them a bunch of questions

Step Three - Open accounts before finding out if they have suitable inventory files

Want to know the easy way that allows you to get the jump on everyone else, saving time, money, effort and frustration?

In the past I've worked with a great number of employees and virtual assistants on numerous supplier projects obtaining THOUSANDS of great suppliers, and I didn't have to do a thing but write checks.

There's three major secrets to getting a huge project like this done

Secret #1 - You need a proper database of leads to start with. Some of the best suppliers are not easily found online through search engines

Secret #2 - You need to go through A BUNCH of workers to find the best ones. You rarely, if ever, hire the best one first, or second, or even on the third try

Secret #3 - You need to qualify not only the supplier, but the tech they offer you as a customer

My own business has been set for suppliers for a very long time, however, recently after training people just like you, I could see that many would benefit from a shortcut to finding the best suppliers.

Therefore, I hired and trained a very special team of virtual assistants . . .

Gave them one of the largest databases of wholesale suppliers I've ever tried to work though . . .

and Vetted each and every supplier with some very strict criteria.

The result?

Lists of THOUSANDS of ready to go, qualified wholesale suppliers that work with online sellers all day long.

No more calling dead end suppliers.

Everyone of these suppliers has been confirmed to sell products at true wholesale prices.

At the time we spoke with the supplier, they were opening new accounts. Some may close off taking new applications, but most are currently accepting new applications. Many of these suppliers we opened accounts with to verify that the entire process of working with this supplier was good.

Would you agree that these past handful of minutes has been well spent so far?

Then, you are going to want to take advantage of a very special offer we've put together for you in order to get your hands on these special supplier files.

However, we're not looking to sell a ton of these, just simply recoup our expenses in building the files, and hopefully you will consider using us as your FBA prep service!

There are THREE packages available.

Package #1
3,000+ Suppliers
All confirmed to sell wholesale products
Most are accepting new applications
They MAY or MAY NOT have UPC files
This package is $250.00

Package #2
1,500+ Suppliers
Confirmed to sell wholesale products
We have opened accounts with ALL of these suppliers, and you will be able to also They MAY or MAY NOT have UPC Files We have run many files through our product tool and have found a considerable number of profitable products
This package is $500

Package #3
The cream of the cream 250+ Wholesale Suppliers
Confirmed to sell products at wholesale pricing
GUARANTEED to provide UPC Files
We have made a ton of money with these suppliers, having purchased hundreds of profitable products as a part of our vetting process.
Moving forward, we will leave the purchasing to you!
This package is $750.00

In the years we've been consulting with Amazon and other online sellers, the highest success rate we've seen has come for sellers that have asked us to go out and find suppliers for them. We charged quite a bit of money to do this, but it was always a smart move on their part. Brand new sellers have used our supplier files to shortcut their way to profits. You don't even need to be an Amazon seller, as many Facebook marketers use our suppliers and their products to create very profitable sales funnels, however, Amazon seems to be where people are getting immediate returns with very little effort.

Best results are obtained if you have a piece of software to analyze the inventory files. Upload and watch the cream rise to the top!

Needless to say, we had two choices when we decided to invest over $15,000 to create these lists . . .

First Option - Go cheap as possible and try to sell as many as possible.

Second Option - Require a little higher investment, but in exchange we can keep these list more exclusive and devote more resources to guarantee the quality of the lists

If you buy one of these packages, and all it did was allow you to find ONE supplier of products you really like, would it be worth it? Of course!

Many folks are fascinated at how easy it is to find a supplier of products you want to buy for yourself! Fishermen finding a fishing supplier, Musicians finding incredible music deals, etc.

You can see why others have paid me thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in the past to put lists like this together for them. First, it's a bit of a talent to put together and manage the right team.

Secondly, you have to be able to know the results are the results you want, or you're just wasting money without even realizing it!

So, you can see why even Package #3 at $750 is a screaming great deal! The other packages require just a bit more work, and have less certainty. They are great packages, but they're no Package #3.

You can get started today by clicking on one of the package deals on the right side of the screen.

Because of the nature of this product, i.e., strictly database information, there are NO REFUNDS on this product. Please DO NOT BUY if you are not ready for a list of awesome suppliers, because you will be taking a seat away from someone else that is ready to start buying wholesale products to sell at a profit. If you normally want a refund period to have a look before deciding, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!

The real question is, can you put together a list like this in a short period of time for less than what we spent? I would be shocked if you could, because I look at these lists as my personal OPUS! If you only end up working with ONE of these suppliers, you're going to chuckle to yourself that it only cost you pennies compared to your results. Not to mention the time you're going to save.

Remember, we've been doing this privately for a long time. I have to this day NEVER found anyone out there even qualified to bring you what we have available right now, today. I am hoping that if you're still watching this video that there are still spots open. The last time we made a limited offer, it sold out within 9 minutes. Crazy!

Hit a button on the right and let's get started! Your access will be immediate.


These lists are very limited for each level, and we reserve the
right to close the cart at any time.