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First, Let's Understand Why This Opportunity Exists

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What is Wholesale Distribution?

One of the best opportunities on Amazon today!

Wholesale distribution is what we jokingly call the oldest, okay maybe the second oldest, profession in the history of man.

As long as traders have been selling products from exotic locations all around the world, bringing them in by ship or horse for a market willing to pay a marked up price, we've had wholesale distribution.

Wholesale distribution is a huge market

It is said that there are over 400,000 wholesale distributors in just the United States

What surprises most folks is that the majority of the companies involved, are small businesses, not huge corporations.

No matter how big or small, most of these companies follow the same processes in getting products into the marketplace.

Manufacturers who actually make products rely on these other distribution companies to get their products into the stream of commerce so that the ultimate end buyer can spend their hard earned money and buy them.

Understand though, the wholesale distributor does not work for the manufacturer, nor for you as the Amazon seller.

They have their own business, and they they purchase products, usually in larger quantities, from the manufacturer, and then mark those prices up to you, the Amazon seller to resell on Amazon at a higher price.

Thus, the wholesale distribution system is like a highway for a product to get from the manufacturer, no matter where in the world that is, to the end user consumer, and those that facilitate that process, make money.

This is a $3.2 trillion dollar business, yes, TRILLION!

All of the products sold on Amazon last year only totaled $59 billion.

Seems kind of small all of a sudden, yes?

What's really interesting is that of that $59 billion, a full $25 billion was sold by third party sellers, like you and me.

Matter of fact, third party sellers have done such a great job, Amazon RECENTLY announced it is no longer going to sell products directly to consumers themselves, they are going to leave it ALL up to us.

This means the wholesale distributors out there are going to get even busier!

Now, Amazon has been around for awhile, as well as wholesale distribution

So, why now?

Why all of a sudden is this something sellers need to sit up and take notice about?

The whole reason "Private Label" selling (creating your own branded product(s)) became so popular is because Amazon had pretty much closed the door on wholesale distribution to all but the largest, most experienced sellers.

Not too long ago all of that changed

Amazon decided that it was a better experience for the customer if they "rotated" the buy box among the competitive sellers.

So, what's a competitive seller?

It's a seller that uses the FBA program and maintains their price at or near other FBA sellers

Let's crunch some real basic numbers

If there are two FBA sellers offering the same product, priced the same, that sells 100 units a month, then each of those sellers will receive about 50 sales each per month, by Amazon rotating them in and out of the buy box.

Now all of a sudden wholesale distribution makes private label selling look silly.

There's almost no risk because the products are already selling

You only have to buy as much or as little inventory as sales velocity allows, and you buy from US based distributors, not China.

Delivery to FBA is fast, so you can literally use a credit card to purchase inventory and have it sold before the bill comes due.

The key is to find products that are selling enough to support an additional seller

Products that have good profits

Products that you don't have to buy mass quantities

Plus, you need a system to analyze supplier inventory files to pick the MOST profitable products.

Our Wholesale Buying Club does all of that and more!

Join Today to begin taking advantage of a straightforward, proven system and start being profitable online!

Wholesale Buying Club 2.0

Watch the video below to learn all about how the Wholesale Buying Club works



Many Amazon sellers struggle with finding good suppliers.  Suppliers that have the right products at the right price.  We've been researching suppliers since 2009 and know what makes a good supplier, how to find them and how to build a solid relationship, all to your benefit.

Originally we started the WBC because our international members were having trouble opening accounts.  Once our US based members learned of the service, they begged to be let in.

The WBC has over FIFTY wholesale suppliers that work with Amazon sellers, have inventory files, and great prices.  

Specific Training

The WBC comes complete with a series of training modules that will show you exactly how to take full advantage of your membership.  Learn how to work with the supplier files to find the most PROFITABLE products and develop a plan to stay fully stocked up on the fast movers.

Learn how to utilize the famous Buy Box method pioneered by Todd Snively and Chris Keef and fully developed by Expert University.

Warehouse Services

The products you order through our supplier accounts will come to our warehouse.  We will then receive, inspect, prep and pack your products quickly, effectively and at a special price, and then ship them to an Amazon FBA warehouse.

All you have to do is create an offer on the Amazon listing for the product you purchased, we will then create the shipping plan, generate all the fnsku and inbound shipping labels, without you having to lift a finger.

Join the Wholesale Buying Club Today

As soon as you join you'll have access to all the training, all the supplier files, access to our webstore of over 1,000,000 wholesale products to instantly purchase. We have home, kitchen, outdoor, garden, tactical, sporting goods, electronics, pet supplies, gifts, educational supplies, supplements, health, beauty, general merchandise, costumes, candy, grocery, computer, musical, and much more!


The true secret to making money selling on Amazon is to get your share of products that are already selling, but are not so popular that they are over saturated with competition and price pressured to little or no profit. The trick is to find the products early on in their life cycle so that you can get the highest profits for the longest period of time before changing them out for more profitable products.

Frequently Asked Questions

We like to call Wholesale Distribution the oldest, okay maybe third oldest, profession in the world.

It's not more than buying low and selling high.

Instead of developing your own product (Private Label), you simply buy products from existing distributors, brands or wholesalers and resell them for more than you paid, creating something called PROFIT!

YES!  Matter of fact, this is a major reason why the business model even exists.

Todd Snively was the one that "discovered" something called "Buy Box Rotation", matter of fact, before that the term "buy box" was never even used, he invented it.

The buy box was formerly called the "Add to Cart" button, and with Amazon specifically, it was called the "Featured Merchant" program.

It used to be that Amazon would only give the buy box to one seller, and that seller would be the only one getting the sale, until a more qualified seller came along.  Think of that childhood game, "King of the Hill".  You were the "King of the Hill" until someone bigger and badder came along and pushed you off.

Amazon woke up one day and said that wasn't the best experience for their customers, so they changed to a rotational assignment of the buy box, based upon unique session (i.e. a new buyer coming onto the catalog page).

For the most part, if what you are selling is at FBA, and your price is competitive to the other FBA sellers, then all those competitive FBA sellers will get a fairly equal share of the buy box for that product.

This is where the real opportunity is.  You are able to find wholesale products that are popular, but still have room for more sellers, and as the popularity of that product grows, so does your profits.

No.  You still have to follow Amazon's policies regarding hazardous materials, sexual wellness, and your specific selling account may have brand or category restrictions.  Before buying any product you should verify that you are able to sell it by adding it to your Seller Central account, AND creating a shipping plan to make sure it can be sent to FBA.  You must make sure you have no restrictions prior to buying.

Not even close.

Understand that while these are wholesale prices, that does not mean they are competitive prices in every instance.

You could have a supplier that has 20,000 products and only a thousand of them are going to meet all our criteria to purchase and resell for profit.

Sometimes, due to market conditions, one supplier may not have anything to purchase profitably that day.

This is why you need additional software to analyze these supplier files.  We use Wholesale Inspector

Wholesale Inspector allows you to upload the supplier file and within a couple of minutes Wholesale Inspector has done all the research for you, and it tells you which products are going to be profitable based on current market conditions.  It's truly quite amazing.

You cannot get in trouble for selling an authentic product that you legally purchased.

There are lots of rumors out there because Amazon has checks and balances in place to verify authenticity.  If Amazon sees you selling a branded product that you haven't sold before, they might email you and ask you to provide an invoice to prove that what you brought is authentic.  Simply email them the invoice from the WBC and you'll be fine.

Sometimes a brand or rights owner doesn't recognize you as a seller of their product and they make the mistake of filing an intellectual property infringement complaint against you.  They do this because Amazon takes intellectual property rights very seriously and always takes the action of removing your offer from the catalog page while the issue is sorted out.  No, this action is wrong on the part of the rights holder, but rarely does a seller sue them over this action, so they keep doing it.

Should you ever receive an intellectual property violation email from Amazon, it will have the email of the rights holder, simply email them and tell them you legally purchased their authentic product and to please withdraw the complaint.

By the way, as a seller on Amazon, you face that issue no matter where you buy your products from - it's not specific to the WBC.

We know how to help you should you ever run into this issue.

We have two kinds of suppliers:

1.  Live Inventory - in stock rate of 97%


2.  Suppliers with no live inventory - in stock rate varies by supplier.  

This too can vary by supplier.  We normally order from each supplier once a week, and it can take the supplier 1-2 days to ship the order to our warehouse.  We receive and prep the same day the item comes into our warehouse and then turn it around to the FBA warehouse.

As long as you've already added the product to your FBA inventory, and have granted us access as an additional user, the process is pretty fast and straightforward, as we print out all your FNSKU labels, create your shipping plan, and print out the inbound shipping labels for you.   Therefore, it can take 7-14 days for the shipment to arrive at FBA depending on the various circumstances.

You are always able to look at the shipment plan in your selling account to see what stage we are at in the process.

Our prep/inspection fees average $.45 per item.  Each box we send to FBA costs $3.00 (includes retrieval, printing, label and label affixing).

There could be some more additional charges if your product requires additional prep, such as suffocation labels, plastic bags, etc.

Each member will receive a full list of all prep fees, which have been discounted for you.

It depends, but probably not their lowest price, but maybe lower than you can get even by going direct.

Remember, we've had relationships with these suppliers for up to ten years.  We've proven ourselves to them, and sometimes we even pay a large annual fee to be able to purchase at sub-wholesale prices (this is called a buy down).

Some of our suppliers won't even open an account for you, so the only way to buy from them, is to buy from us.

Now, there is a small markup on the wholesale price we are paying, because we need to recover the cost of processing your payment, however, even with the 3% markup, many of the products will still be priced for less than you would pay going direct.

There are no other markups.

Because of our relationships with these suppliers, and the volume of business we do, we will cover most of the inbound shipping cost for you.

The way we do this is you will receive 100% free inbound shipping if your order is for $175.00 or more.

For orders less than $175.00, you are charged just $9.99 shipping, no matter what you order, or the quantities involved.

It is possible to have the products shipped to an alternate address for you for an additional cost.  Please contact support prior to ordering for your direct to you shipping quote.

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