Wholesale Product Mastery Reviews

Wholesale Product Mastery is not a typical training program.  It has training, that's for sure, but in reality,
Wholesale Product Mastery is a business in a box.

Here's what some of our members had to say about their success and the Wholesale Product Mastery program.


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Chris Keef from Expert University, presents some testimonials from some members that have successfully completed the Wholesale Product Mastery program.

These Amazon seller success stories are from everyday people, just like you. Expert University has trained thousands of budding entrepreneurs looking to create profits online. Their Wholesale Product Mastery program has a five year track record of successfully taking the person off the street looking to earn profits online and show them how to become a seller with the Amazon FBA program, using the Wholesale Distribution model.

The Program Works

For over six years now we've been helping people, just like you, become successful Amazon sellers by telling you which suppliers to work with, training you on how to use our software and on exactly how to maximize results from the buy box rotation Wholesale Distribution method.

Step by Step Easy:
1.  Take the supplier inventory files we show you how to obtain and upload them into our software;

2.  The software shows you the most profitable products to purchase that need additional competitive sellers at Amazon;

3.  Purchase the products you want and get to your FBA account using the methods and processes we train you on;

4.  As the products sell out, simply reorder and repeat the process for as many products as your budget allows.

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We have been working with wholesale supplies since 2002.  We have over 8,000,000 wholesale products you can purchase numerous suppliers.  We will also provide you with all the information you need to get those products to your FBA account in the quickest way possible.

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We're the pioneers of developing software that finds profitable products to sell on Amazon.  Products that are already selling, that need additional competitive sellers and will allow you to share those already existing profits, 

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We help people reach goals with a step-by-step approach to a complicated process.  Our support is second to none assuring you won't ever get "stuck". 

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Todd and Chris have literally changed my financial future! The training, support, information and overall caring from the both of them has changed my family’s financial life forever. I have ‘attempted’ many different seminar and training technique’s over the past 15-20 years and this is literally the FIRST time anything has ever worked for me. From the first time I met them I knew there was something different about them – they cared and they were/are transparent about everything. No fluff with them, just information that works! Appreciate the both of you beyond words!

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Todd Snively and Chris Keef are two of the most knowledgeable folks on the planet when it comes to all aspects of marketing and helping others achieve their goals. They are genuinely concerned about the success of their students in all their endeavors. I have known them both now for over 3 years and I have worked with them as their student, their colleague and their partner on a live event and I am constantly blown away by their dedication to those they teach. I honestly believe they are as excited about the success their students achieve as they are about their own success.

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Todd and Chris are amazing people! They are just like you and me and truly just want to help people learn, grow and build wealth. They are truly sharing their real experiences and truly care about those who are a part of their team. Todd is a hoot and Chris is always willing to answer questions. They are very accessible too! These guys will be in your corner and are a lot of fun to follow and be around. I love being a part of their group and learning from them!